Five dogs with interspecies friendships

Article by Vic Allen

Vic is a musician and animal lover from Norwich. Growing up surrounded by pets, she currently has a Golden Retriever, a Miniature Dachshund, and two ginger cats.

It’s no secret that dogs are hugely social creatures and love to spend time with their owners, but it may come as a surprise to know that it’s not just us they love to hang out with.

Dogs are devoted and emotionally complex beings who have the ability to get on with just about everyone, regardless of their species.

Here are five super sociable dogs with incredible interspecies friendships that are guaranteed to make you smile.

Peggy and Molly

The story of this friendship begins just a few months ago.

Back in September 2020, a Staffie named Peggy and her owner Juliette Wells were taking a walk in their local area in Queensland, Australia. Peggy discovered a young magpie, a bird usually known for being a menace in Australia, fighting for its life.

They took the little bird home and nursed her back to health, with a plan to release her once she was strong enough to fend for herself. But despite Juliette leaving all her doors and windows open in the hope the bird would fly away, the magpie (now named Molly) refused to go. She would much rather stay home and snuggle up with Peggy.

The pair bonded quickly after Molly’s arrival and now spend all their time playing, cuddling, and interacting in their own “language”. Even more incredibly, Peggy was so concerned for Molly whilst she was weak that her mothering hormones kicked and she started to produce breast milk, thinking the mischievous bird was her own puppy.

The unlikely duo have become inseparable, and spend every waking moment together. Molly appears to have no intention of leaving and now sleeps on top of a curtain rail inside the house, as happy as anything. 

The best friends can be found on Instagram and Tiktok, sharing videos of their days playing under the Australian sun.

Barclay and Rudy

Good things come to those who wait, and this friendship definitely took a while to bloom.

Before becoming besties, Barclay the Golden retriever would sneak into his owner’s therapy duck coop every morning and try to steal their food. Rudy, the alpha duck, would chase him away and the naughty pup would exit the coop terrified. But after many mornings of stealing and chasing, Barclay stopped running from Rudy and the two began to form a friendship that has become an unbreakable bond.

The rest of the ducks seem to have accepted Barclay too, grooming him with their beaks and climbing on top of him while he’s sleeping. Barclay now lives peacefully and chase-free as part of the duck gang – but he still can’t resist the taste of a little stolen duck food every once in a while.

Follow Barclay and the gang on Instagram.

Zyzz and Jojo

Proof that long distance friendships are just as important as those closer to home, Zyzz the spaniel doesn’t get to see his best friend every day. But hopping on a boat with his family and heading out into the blue seas of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Zyzz can’t stop wagging his tail in anticipation of a swim with his buddy – a wild bottlenose dolphin.

Zyzz and Jojo the dolphin became friends after the excitable spaniel decided to surprise his owners one day by jumping off the boat and into the water for a swim with Jojo and his pals. According to his owners, Zyzz is a fairly recent addition to their boat rides but is now a core member of the crew, who love watching the incredible interactions between dog and dolphin. Fans on social media love seeing videos of the duo too, with many followers commenting that Zyzz is “living out their dream”.

Zyzz shares his watery adventures on Instagram and Jojo can be found there too.

Waffles and June

Rescued at just two days old after falling out of an oak tree, June the raccoon has become completely content with her luxurious home life.

Growing up as the “only child” in the house, rescuers Bethany and Russ eventually decided that June may be lonely and went out to get her a little sister – a Vizsla puppy named Waffles.

Much to the couple’s surprise, June adjusted pretty quickly to sharing all the attention, and before long the two became best friends. They wrestle together, snuggle up on the sofa and make up their own games. Waffles seems to sense that her raccoon pal had a rough start in life, and has taken on the role as June’s protector.

June and Waffles are active on Instagram and even have their own merch!

Robin Hood and Teddy

Robin Hood the Australian Shepherd met Teddy the horse the day he arrived home as a tiny puppy, and so probably doesn’t remember much of life without her. Since that first ever welcome home sniff, the two have been firm friends.

They love to frolic around the pasture together and Robin can even keep up with Teddy and owner Emily Sebryk on their trail rides, galloping at full speed through nearby fields and forests. But staying on the ground watching others have all the fun isn’t quite enough for Robin. His absolute favourite thing in the world is to jump up onto Teddy’s back and go for a ride himself!

Emily mentions that the first time he hopped up it was a complete surprise, but now it’s just an everyday activity. And Robin is a great little equestrian – he maintains perfect balance on Teddy’s back and never seems nervous at all.

Follow the unlikely duo on Instagram to keep up with their adventures in the beautiful Canadian wilderness.

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