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Article by Vic Allen

Vic is a musician and animal lover from Norwich. Growing up surrounded by pets, she currently has a Golden Retriever, a Miniature Dachshund, and two ginger cats.

Chances are you’ve heard of TikTok. The increasingly popular video sharing platform has blown up more than ever over the last few months, becoming the most downloaded app of 2020.

But, unless you’re an avid TikTok user, there’s also a high probability that you’ve written it off as an app for teenagers to show off their mediocre dance moves and combat lockdown boredom. And while that may be partly true, it’s not just teenagers that are going viral. In fact, it’s not even just people – it’s dogs too!

Tiny Pomeranian puppies, Beagles doing backflips, heart warming rescue stories, and tips on dog training. Whatever dog content you’re looking for, TikTok might just have what you need.

Not sure where to begin? Here are some quality canines to get you started. 

Cute dogs

No one can deny that of course every dog is cute. But here are some extra precious pups to make your day.

Italian greyhound from TikTok


An adorable Italian Greyhound with the biggest brown eyes you can imagine, little Honey just recently hit one million followers.

With her skinny legs and tiny floppy ears, she is often likened to Dobby the House Elf from Harry Potter, and regularly dresses up as him too.


Envy, Zain, and Trek are three Border Collie pals that you will instantly fall in love with. Whether they’re dancing to Taylor Swift, performing elaborate tricks, or simply hugging each other, this charming trio are definitely worth a follow.

Funny dogs

If you’re looking for a laugh, the pooch side of TikTok is the right place to be.

Dog singing


If you’re a big user of Instagram, you may already have heard of Walter Geoffrey … “heard” being the key word here. This hilarious French bulldog, from Austin, Texas, has become a worldwide sensation thanks to his dramatic loud wails and regular “meltdowns”. He’s even been mentioned on TV by celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston and Ellen DeGeneres. What an absolute star.


Looking for the perfect song to accompany a video of your own pup? Puppysongs is guaranteed to have a jingle for pretty much any situation. Two black Chihuahuas, named Leni and Marley, are the stars of this channel and the inspiration behind the short snappy tunes written by their owner Matt.

Their most viral song yet is about dogs that get their lips stuck on their teeth. Definitely worth a scroll through the videos other users have made with this song for a good laugh.

Amazing dogs

Want to be astounded by just how remarkable dogs really are? Here are some unforgettable canines.

Dog on a skateboard


We all know that dogs can be trained to do incredible things. Agility, herding cattle, and from time to time something a little more exotic.

Eric (aka Eroc) is another French bulldog, this time from London, who takes “incredible” to the next level. He has a unique talent for skateboarding – and he seems to enjoy it too! See for yourself. You won’t regret it.


Owned by LA based dog trainer Sara Carson, this energetic pack of Collies is a fine example of the breed’s astounding intelligence. From walking on their front legs to making flying backflips after a frisbee, it seems there is nothing these pups can’t do. Sara and her fantastic collies were even placed 5th in season 12 of America’s Got Talent.

Dog advice and training tips

TikTok is not just for entertainment. It’s a huge source of information too.

Still from Dog Training for Dummies

Particularly with the recent test launch of the new “learn” tab, it’s the perfect place to pick up some dog training tips and tricks.


Dog trainer Patrick Meier is the expert behind this account, posting invaluable “Dog Training for Dummies” videos. If you’re wondering how to stop your dog from jumping up or how to combat separation anxiety, The Meier House might just be able to help.


Dog behaviour specialist Vinnie Somma has gained over one million followers for his simple yet useful videos offering advice on a huge variety of dog related issues, from recall training to how to properly socialise your pup.

All dogs, all the time

And if you’re simply looking to immerse yourself in doggy heaven, check out @sawneedogs. It’s a doggie daycare and boarding centre that hosts huge, happy groups of playful pups.

Follow for uplifting videos of the canine crew bursting in slow motion through their gate ready for play time and tearing around their huge yard. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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