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How to entertain your dog at home

Stuck at home thanks to lockdown? Maybe you’re unwell or the weather’s terrible. Try our tips for entertaining your dog at home.

How to treat fleas in puppies

Adult dog flea remedies can be dangerous to puppies. Follow our vet’s guide to treating fleas safely in your puppy.

How to keep your dog’s teeth clean

Five things you can do at home to keep your dog’s teeth clean and avoid expensive doggy dental bills.

Ten easy tricks to teach your dog

From fetching their lead when it’s time for a walk to ringing a bell when it’s toilet time, here are ten easy commands to teach your dog.

How to calm your dog during fireworks

Read our vet’s advice on how to keep your dog calm during fireworks and for the longer term.

What to do if my dog eats chocolate

Read our vet’s advice on what to do if your dog has eaten chocolate, including when to seek medical advice.

How to help a dog with separation anxiety

Read our steps on how to deal with separation anxiety to make you and your dog happier.